Publication Fees

This journal charges the following author fees.

Article Publication: 70.00 USD (approximately 1900.00 UAH)

This fee includes reimbursement of costs associated with editorial processing of manuscripts, proofreading, desktop publishing, publication of the current issue, registration of digital object identifiers (annual and current Crossref payments), web hosting and archiving, support for open access policy, annual subscription fee for using specialized software, as well as overhead costs for organizing the journal Editorial Board’s activity.

Once the paper has been accepted for publication, the author will pay the journal its publication fee to compensate for the publishing expenses. Publication fee is non-refundable.

If the author cannot afford the publication fee, he or she should request that an exception be made in terms of payment. The journal aspires to see to it that the fee be no hindrance to publication of quality research papers.

Payment by Visa and Mastercard is provided by service of online-payments Payment safety was confirmed by PCI DSS security audit. In case of questions call or email us: +380(44)2000902,